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international design competition of BRP

Reward : 3rd prize winner

The project called ROUNSTER is born at the design school of Quebec University at Montreal. We participated to the 2019 international design competition of BRP during our session of courses. It was the 4th competition organized by BRP. This year the subject was the eco-mobility commuting for Y/Z generations in snowy cities. We had to found ideas with precise constraints. The power of the electric motors was preset at 16kW power, the powertrain volume at 5.9L and the batteries volume at 29L.

Answers to this challenge had been difficult to find. My problematic was How to provide pleasant and ecological ways to commute in a snowy city ?

I firstly chose to work with a 3 ground links solutions, but I suddenly had restarted the project. Why ? Because some of the specifications were not satisfied by those first solutions. So, I tried to let my designer skills getting over my engineering ones. I finally found the ROUNSTER product architecture which is really more convenient in snowy cities.

The ROUNSTER is entirely suspended while it’s on. It helps users to get out of snowbanks. Both wheels are independent. You have 2 controllers in the cockpit to speed up right or left wheel to turn the vehicle. Push to speed up and pull to break.¬†ROUNSTER can transport 2 persons. The ergonomic package is nearly the same as a Sea-Doo because the exterior design is really not conventional, so I was important for me to give user a landmark. The interface is tactile & directly linked to your smartphone with the Apple & Android operating systems. Like that your musics, contacts, adresses are already known by your ROUNSTER and you’ll not be lost in menus.



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