2020 - Antoine Desloges Studio

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The 631 project is a concept that I realized as final project of my industrial designer studies at UQAM design school. Paul DEUTSCHMAN offered me the opportunity to work on one of his client project. That’s how all started.

His client wanted to get a new bodywork for it’s aluminum Hot Rod frame equipped with a chevy V8. The client wanted that car to become a real roadster so we decided to start designing this way. After a retro-engineering to get 3D model of the frame, I realized a full design process on that car, starting from the existing analyses to the communication passing through 2D rendering, ergonomics consideration and 3D modeling.


Concerning the style, it’s inspired from Lamborghini, Chevrolet Corvette and Paul DEUTSCHMAN’s designs. So I worked on the edge design domain. Also, since the client Is a gentleman driver, I tried to put racing spirit in that design. That’s why there is bargeboards on the side of the car. I added ground effect with a flat bottom and a diffuser too. This car need some refresh concerning safety features so I added a windshield, head support and roll bars. Those last ones are made In aluminum to recall the frame. The entire bodywork is carbon composite to keep lightweight and give prestige to the car. This bodywork will probably be manufactured only once, so I had to take care of the production process for each parts. Gap & flush has really been at the center of my reflection.

The 3D modeling has been done in Rhino. It’s a full class A surfaces model.

All 3D renderings has been realized in Blender 3D like the final animation that you can discover down here.

It’s an honor for me to know Paul DEUTSCHMAN and I’m deeply grateful that he trusted me on that work. I really enjoyed working on that concept.

School supervisors :
  • Steve VEZEAU
  • Ahmed CHALWATI
  • Marcel BASTIEN
  • François RANGER

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