2018 - Desloges Design


Bugatti T35 Revival

This project is a part of a big project of the University of Technology Belfort Montbéliard. The idea was to design a modern Bugatti T35.
A lot of steps had been realized when we were in charge of the project.
The bodywork had been drawn and modeled. The engine had been chose too.

Our work was to create the entire geometry of the drive axles respecting all previous studies. I was in charge of the front train geometry. I worked with CAD skeleton frame.
Then I was in charge of the design of the front hub carrier. I used CATIA to do some finite element analysis.
Finally all studies was checked, so we drew plans that will help other students to manufacture it.


Team :

  • Christophe BOUZIGUET
  • Antoine DESLOGES
  • Pierre GRUNER
  • Alain THOMAS
  • Zeyu XIONG

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