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[2] 631 Project

- June 9, 2020

Here am I with a new teaser of the Project 631. Well, you understood that it is my final studies project. I’m currently working hard on it to propose the best presentation of the project possible. There is a bit more information about the context and a little surprise.

Project 631 is a collaborative work with Mr. Paul DEUTSCHMAN. I’m really glad to met and work with Mr. DEUTSCHMAN because (for those who don’t know) he’s a really original & famous car designer. Go visit his website deutschmandesign.com to appreciate his successes. It is a real honor for me to work with him because I saw his works during my childhood at Le Mans. In fact, he designed the Callaway that ran Le Mans 94,95,96,97 and 2001.

The project 631 is based on a DEUTSCHMAN Design’s client demand. It is a redesign of a custom roadster powered by a V8 chevy equipped with an aluminum frame.

This is quite a challenge for me to work on that kind of project. This is what I really like. I thanks Steve VEZEAU director of my formation at UQAM for this final subject proposition.

See you the 19th of June for the final presentation.

Meanwhile, there is a surprise video. Be ready it’s really furtive !

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